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Win Maternity photoshoot

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The Maternity Photoshoot is one hour long and includes three digital images. It would take place Monday to Thursday between 10am and 2pm. The session includes the use of my dresses.

I have three sessions to give away for all those who attend the Baby Roadshow in Kettering on Wed 5th June.

Please send an e-mail with your name, phone number and number of weeks pregnant to j@juliettaardentaylorphotography.co.uk or click here to message me https://www.juliettaardentaylorphotography.co.uk/contact by the end of play Sunday 9th June 2019.

Winner will be picked at random.

Why you should capture this moment:

I know from the past two pregnancies I had that I didn’t always feel very attractive. How can you when you get to around 28 weeks carrying a huge weight on all your organs?! If like me you have just been told you have SPD, and thanks to your pelvic bone you are walking like John Wayne and getting out the car like an old aged pensioner (talking 80 plus here). It didn’t help that I would occasionally start to faint due to low blood pressure and have to lie down to recover. This pregnancy business is not as glamorous as I would have hoped!

These feelings of pregnancy is what I figured will put some of you off having a photoshoot. I don’t blame you! I’m here to (hopefully) change your mind. Put aside how rubbish you may be feeling and allow me to encourage you to embrace your body, and the photograph this truly special thing your body is doing.

When you really think about it, it’s the most incredibly humbling task us women are faced with. When a child sees a woman carrying a baby they are in awe! When you see your body changing you are in awe. When our partners look at us they are too in awe. To capture this awesomeness is essential! If I don’t do it for you, then please make sure someone does.

A Pamering Day – I know it will have been said to you a hundred times already to make the most of the peace for now, DO IT! Get a pregnancy massage, paint your nails, have your hair and make-up done…. then come to me to capture the glow.

How a session can work: I can arrange a hair stylist and a make-up artist to take care of you. My photoshoot sessions usually begin at 10.30 am but you can arrive earlier, in your pyjamas if you wish, and begin the pamper. If you have the luxury of time you can have the massage and nail treatments the day before too. If you wish just to do your own hair or make-up that’s fine.

Most of my maternity sessions will have mums to be bring in their own outfits, which is fine as I absolutely love going through new things to have in the images. I also have a few maternity outfits of my own to offer into the mix and together we will pick what will suit you and make you comfortable. The simpler the outfit the better but we can always throw in a few unique pieces.

When shooting outdoors we are restricted a little to the location, but I have been surprised by some mums to bare all for an outfit change! For these occasions I have a large material as shield.

The sessions are fun, or so I’m told and they do bring out the best in you. You can read some of the lovely reviews I have below.

The important thing about all this is YOU. I want you to feel special, to look special and to remember this special time.

If you are still not entirely convinced, but are warming up to the idea, then lets talk. You can come to see me, send me an e-mail first if you are feeling shy, or call me to hear my usually croaky voice (if it’s the morning, it warms up by the afternoon).

Even if you decide not to have the maternity session at least come and meet me if you are thinking you would like me to photograph your newborn baby.

“thank you for making me feel comfortable and beautiful, I really didn’t think I would love photos of myself!”

“The pampering was what I needed and the session gave me a little boost of confidence, the images were the icing on the cake.”

‘How did you make me look like this, thank you so much I will treasure these images. I can’t believe how brave I was in the end!”

Julietta x