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What to wear – Maternity Photoshoots

Posted on January 14, 2020 by Admin under maternity
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I’ve spent many hours, days and possibly weeks deciding which maternity outfits to buy to keep in my studio for photoshoots. I feel that this time was mostly wasted. I bought three or four simple, classic and versatile pieces which I’m happy with, but I can’t afford to buy an entire wardrobe, yet.

In the meantime I’m looking for creative ways to diversify my images for my clients and I began to do this with silk chiffon (see my post on Rocking the Bump). Now I’m exhausting that avenue, a little – as this doesn’t really suit everyone. 

So when Aimee rocked up to photograph baby number 2, I was determined to do something different, or at least experiment with her session. I know Aimee would come to me with something when I asked her, but I kept it very casual so she wouldn’t stress over it.

She didn’t disappoint, as she brought about four different items of which I’ve all used in her session. It was tempting to pull out some of my usual tricks, but I refused to let that comfort zone take over me. I went with what she brought me and I felt it was working well!

Denim is always a favourite item of mine and I think everyone must own a denim shirt right? If not then you are missing something as it can be thrown over anything, including a bump! She can’t do this up by the way, bu we found a cheeky way of her rocking her maternity bump with it. The colours looked okay but I really felt that the rawness of the fabric came out in black and white, and didn’t distract from the bump. It gave it a frame.


So the pink number I’ve not mentioned above; this is one of Aimee’s surprise elements for me. I am always desperately looking for stretchy non maternity dresses, but I can’t ever find anything in the shops that looks right and for a photoshoot I need the mama to be to be able to breathe. My most important element is that the woman feels comfortable and sexy in the photoshoot. This is about celebrating her body and I want her to feel super good, and it to show. The confidence does not need to be dripping from every pore, but she needs to feel secure and I will do the rest. I think the pink number got Aimee giggling loads as she felt good and knew that this was something very glamorous, yet super simple.


I will admit to hesitating to this item. It didn’t scream maternity but I knew I had to try to make it work, and out of all the poses I felt this one brought out the best in the item. One of the experiments for the maternity photoshoot was to see if I could make something every day, that didn’t cost the earth, look awesome. It helps Aimee makes it look awesome too!

In a world of extremely glamours maternity shoots I felt like this one represented a complete contrast. Boho, simple, understated and ordinary. But this is very natural, very normal, and very much what most women might feel is really them underneath all those blow dries and big flowing dresses. I really don’t mind it. It feels raw, it feels real and her peacefulness in the image reminds me of the real maternity months as you prepare for the newborn baby to arrive.

So we have in this session, a glamour pink, a casual denim, a cosy jumper and a boho garment. What has it taught me? Well I guess that I don’t have to panic about what outfits to throw in the session, but how to be creative, resourceful and how to make a pregnant woman look and feel amazing in anything. This is how my studio maternity sessions will begin and I can’t wait to see what the next mummy brings in for me to try.

What did you think? Please comment below your thoughts? If you’d like to book in a session with me I have offers to entice you in. Contact me here.

Love Julietta x

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