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Tips on re-branding for a new career.

Posted on February 10, 2020 by Admin under Business
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Identify your amazing transferable skills. You will probably find this hard, until you unlock the first transferrable skill you didn’t realise you have. Visualise your previous tasks and write down the ones that stand out, this helps to identify those skills and abilities you can use in most jobs. It also helps to speak to friends, colleagues and loved ones whom you have explained elements of your job to. They might see something you have missed, probably due to all the information swirling around your head right now. Then you need to show how you can use those skills to strengthen your CV.

Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google…. You have already learned that you need to be present online for people to find you, when they do let them see the best first impression of you. It might be the first ticket to securing an interview before they read your CV. I highly advise you to get a new headshot or personal branding shots, and it’s not just because I’m a photographer that I recommend this. Take it from someone who has witnessed people stalked before they were interviewed. Re-work your online CV too, update any new things about you.

Once you have your online presence ready and those amazing new headshots, upload and start tweeting, sharing, and following industry people. Tell the world you are on the career market. More importantly tell them what you are looking for and what you can offer. I know this is a little like dating but it’s the best way to get your perfect match.

Networking is like dating. The news spreads that you have left your old job and with no time you will have those in your network getting in touch. If you have no network outside your old job then you can look into requesting new contacts on social media platforms to spread the net wide. Going to a networking event is a great idea if it’s in your field, or calling old contacts to see where they are now and who they can introduce you to. Tell people you are looking and they spread the word too.

Blog Blog Blog. Whether you love writing or not, a blog is a great way for an new employer to learn a little about you or what you know about the industry. You can write and blog your words on google and share them to the rest of the social media sites. Your blogs can be about little snippets of your previous achievements, or even where you made impact, which shows what you can offer your prospective new employer. If you have learned anything that your industry would benefit from then share this information too. It will get people talking about you and show you are a true professional.

Network in your new industry.
If all of your networking contacts are still grounded in your old career field, you need to start meeting others to mentor and guide you on your new path. Old contacts can still be valuable if you’re moving to a related industry, but don’t skimp on building new relationships. Look for networking events, have coffee with a professional you admire, or interact with others via LinkedIn groups. Take the opportunity to enhance your professional reach even further, and reap the benefits as you move forward on your new path. You are ready.

That path to a new career is daunting, but the sooner you begin the journey, the quicker you will get a picture of the future… and be open to change. Visualise and it will materialise, open your mind to new opportunities. Some people find a mentor helps or starting a new course in a different direction. Always keep close to your career mission the backbone of skills and knowledge that will be the core to selling yourself in any industry.

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Good Luck!

P.s. If it wasn’t obvious reading this post, I want to help you get that new job. My most impressive skill is to photograph you the way you want people to see you. If you are ready to have that new headshot, re-brand or confidence boost, then I’m the photographer for you.

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