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The Dance Factory Photoshoot

Posted on December 6, 2019 by Admin under Parent Zone

When Katy (of the Dance Factory Kettering) and I met up to talk about this photoshoot I had lots of ideas in mind, but I knew that for my first time photographing ballet dancers I would keep it simple. There would be a LOT to learn.

Katy had seen the backdrop we used for the photoshoot in one of my maternity images and fell it love with it. I had lots of inspiration for other ballet photographers knew this would be the best location for the outdoor autumn setting.

We have discussed photographing ballet dancers in the studio (which is yet to come), but I needed the space to practice and this was the perfect place to practice, whilst hopefully creating some beautiful unique imagery. This is something you could print frame and hang up as wall art in your home.

I knew that as a mother of a daughter who has began ballet, I would love something like this for my walls. These would be something different to the usual stage ballet and portrait shots, and something magical about the dancers being nature brings the skill to life.

On the shoot day Katy had a box load of costumes and I turned up with my camera, blankets and some chiffon (which was used in the blue dress shot and the white dress one). The girls were incredibly professional and braved the cold to get “on point” as Katy has prepared them. I had no idea how amazing they would be and I had to learn about where they would leap and land to prepare my shot. This was not an easy task, but with some effort I managed to nail a few of them. I made lots of mistakes along the way, had no idea if they were on point or if the dresses looked as they should, but this is where Katy’s expertise came into play.

During the editing the process she knew instantly what was perfect and what might have needed to be better next time. This is where you grow; in the mistakes, in the learning.

I will always be thankful for the time and effort each of these beautiful girls made to be there on a sunny yet cold autumn day in Kettering.

I plan to offer these outdoor ballet shoots from as soon as the weather warms up again in April/May time (or sooner if we have a random heatwave).

If you have any interest in a session they will cost £199 and include three beautiful 12 by 8 inch fine art prints.

If you would like to be sent the details, please e-mail me at j@juliettaardentaylorphotography.co.uk or see above for the contact me form on my website menu.

If you would like to buy a voucher you can also contact me now for this.

I would love your feedback on the images! Please comment below.


Julietta x

2 thoughts on “The Dance Factory Photoshoot”

  1. Caroline Crossley says:

    Beautiful and magical pictures. Absolutely amazing. The colours are stunning.

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks for the lovely comments Caroline.

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