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Rocking the Bump.

Posted on January 6, 2020 by Admin under Business, maternity, Parent Zone

This amazing lady returned to me for her maternity session with baby number 2. I first photographed this beauty a couple of years ago when she was expecting her rainbow baby. This was after many little angels sadly left their world. Within just a few years after her rainbow baby she has a golden child – the one which comes after a rainbow baby.

This bump is an amazing 37 weeks and the usual dates I would capture a maternity photoshoot is around 28-32 weeks. I love that these images prove that it does not matter, and the bigger the better. You are most likely over the worst feelings of the pregnancy and ready for capturing this amazing thing your body is achieving.

Despite the challenges, this mum has had to face, which includes diabetes whilst being pregnant and in the first pregnancy as skin condition, she is as radiant as ever, and as optimistic as ever. I love the confidence she exudes and you don’t have to be confident for this to show in the first place. I like to think it’s because she feels comfortable with me, but I also believe it’s because she is really comfortable with herself.

One of the images which is the black and white one above is the style she wanted after doing some Pinterest searches. It’s a classic image and we did try this facing front, but this didn’t seem to work with the bump, possibly as we passed the 32 week front, but she looks simply stunning and I am so happy we achieved this in this way.

This skirt was her own and I loved how it fell, much like my chiffon red above. This same images looks stunning in black and white, and what I do love about black and white is how it shows her emotions more. Black and White is the soul of photography. Most photographers will be very passionate about black and white, especially us old school ones who may have shot on film.

I love maternity photoshoots whether they are studio or outdoor. My aim will always be to make the woman feel the most beautiful she has ever felt. This is the most incredible her body is achieving, it deserves to be documented!!

Which image is your favourite and why? I would love to know what you think of the images.

Love Julietta x

p.s. You can contact me at 20 weeks – after your scan to discuss your maternity shoot or newborn. More than often I do amazing deals to get mamas in front of the camera!

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