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Mummy and Me Moments

Posted on March 9, 2021 by Admin under Parent Zone
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It’s only since being a mother myself that I started to see how important it was to have special occasions with just you and your child as much as the little outings! My mother and I would shop together and have a tea and cake in a lovely café or go to a show, something I’m missing very much during this pandemic. I realise how important these mummy and me moments are for improving our mental health.

The bond with my mother and I guess with most people and their mothers, is a strong one. I often spend time with her or re-connect to who I am and how I feel about the world. I’m certain for those who have lost their mothers, this lifeline is broken, and it must be so hard. You have to find other ways of re-connecting to that lifeline. I have only imagined that it might help to be the mother in that cycle and give back what you have given.


When I photograph mothers and their children I can see that lifeline connection. Witnessing the love and bond in other mothers is very powerful and I see the truth of what life is really about; LOVE AND CONNECTION. The cord we lose physically at birth, still exists in a different way. Whether you were close to your mother or not, the invisible bond keeps you attached to them in some way. I can see it when I photograph these mothers, and I have captured a lot of these bonds. It’s truly beautiful to witness.

I know that as a daughter looking back at an old photo of my mother holding me with the biggest amount of love is priceless! That’s why I strongly believe in printing the images I take and displaying them proudly in the home. A child seeing the love growing up will always know that they are truly loved, whatever life throws at them.

I read that when a child is young it’s the most crucial time for brain development. They need a powerful bond with their parents and if this is denied, then they become less likely to grow up to be happy and resilient.

It’s a huge statement to have experts say that before and beyond medical care, a baby needs a healthy dose of love, affection, in the form of hugs and kisses, in order to improve health. I just love that as a parent we have this power and we should display it with consistently.

This is an interesting fact I read:

“Babies have a mix of DNA from both mother and father; however, studies have revealed that a child’s intelligence is determined by the mother! “

I’m in awe of the fact that not only does our motherly love play a role, so do our chromosomes.

I’m always thinking what I can give the kids of me that they will remember when facing tough times. In lockdown I introduced art into their world and not just in the form of photography, although we do plenty of that! I dug out my paints and brushes and allowed them to set their imaginations alight with colour, patterns, shade and light. Every time we have had a tough day, we dig out the art and we all feel good again. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about art, and I can get lost and watch my kids do the same.

Photography is as therapeutic as art, and possibly why so many mothers after having their babies end up as photographers! There are a lot of us out there. I began photography after my daughter was born as a way to document my family life, and I found it incredibly therapeutic. It only became business after many people seeking me to do the same for their family. Thankfully a business that I have loved seeing the value and memories I have for other families too.


Most mothers love to spend time taking photos of their children, and children with dad. They forget to do the selfie for various reasons such as: ‘we didn’t do our hair today’ or ‘make-up fail’ or ‘clothes don’t fit’ and ‘I’m having a fat day delete that one’. My personal one is that I often wish my other half knew my best side better.

All of the above is why a dedicated, fun and feel good mummy and me session with me will be an amazing gift for both you and the children. I can arrange hair and make up, outfit styling, finished off with capturing the best angles of you and the happiest moments with connection. The images will be more beautiful than you can imagine and your children will be filled with love every time they see them up in your home.

If it’s a birthday or celebration gift for you or a gift for your loved one I can create beautiful vouchers at anytime of the year.

Mummy and Me sessions are priced with an extra treat:

£199 and include 5 digital images and all the prints included in 9 by 6 inches.

More images can be ordered after the session.

Deposit is £99. Hair and Make up is an additional cost of £45.


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