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Posted on February 10, 2019 by Admin under maternity
maternity photoshoot

Maternity photoshoot, Northamptonshire.

Most mums will recommend joining a pregnancy class of some type. Yoga, hyno-birthing or any time of antenatal birthing class, and NCT where you will meet some other mums to be.

I met a group of friends during one of these classes just over 7 years ago with my first child. We all went to have boys which furthered our bond. After our births we met up and drank tea and ate cake. Eventually we joined baby classes of all types together; buggy fit, or sensory classes. Some time was also spent in any cafe where we felt comfortable to breast feed and chat. It’s these chats that save you! Thanks fully I had a circle of mums I knew before to support and be supported.

I recommend these groups or classes because years later when your little ones start school, you still never forget the support that they gave you in those tender days.

Some of us met up again recently to catch up on our lives. This time without children at our feet. It’s lovely for lots of reasons and mostly because I realised I was lucky to have found them at the right time in my life.  They remind you of how far you have come emotionally.  After birth, more births and ups and downs, you realise how strong you are as a human being. Becoming a mum makes you feel invincible, but ironically at the same time you manage to muster up strength you never knew you had, you discover a vulnerable you which you can’t describe.

Talking is the best therapy, unless more serious. Talking can get you through these mixed, contradictory emotions and experiences.  Talking with good friends really can help; your maternity mums  (if you meet the right ones*) along with your existing besties, will be a saving grace. 

So as soon as you’ve had your 20 week scan, please get joining these amazing classes. You will be creating forever friendships.

Wishing you all the best on your maternity journey.

Julietta  x


*I say meet the right ones because along the way you meet many who are not going to make you feel good about yourself. My advice is to very quickly ditch those. Trust your instincts, as it’s a vulnerable time to be surrounded by anyone negative or who brings you down. You will know them straight away. 


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The classes I went to were mostly in Kettering, Wellingborough and Northampton. Some don’t exist now but I am building a page of new ones which I have been recommended. This is coming soon! So follow my page on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

These will cover Northamptonshire and Market Harborough.