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Keeping your dreams in sight.

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Photographs by Julietta Arden-Taylor

Model/Actor Tracey Ann Selmes

How many times have you lost an opportunity because you were worried about failing? I know there is a small percentage of people with special powers that include ZERO self doubt, but that’s not the majority of us.

As we get older we have been burnt, hurt, steered in directions that suited others, and then fall, not sure where to head next.

We put things off, or even think we should give up. I’ve been there. It takes a great amount of courage to put your doubts away and keep going.

You must remember that as a human being we are a strong species and we have been challenged by many things. This recent upheaval in our lives is probably one of the greatest ones we will endure.

But lets remain focused on the dream, the future and all whilst remaining to be enjoying and living in the present.

Let us practice living moments that keep us optimistic day to day and continue to keep ticking away at that dream day by day too. It’s a balancing act, but you/we can achieve this.

Even if you don’t believe it possible at the beginning, you need to still tell your brain it is. Eventually the universe will open doors for you. It’s a powerful thing. Trust it.

1. Feel the fear and do it anyway

This title is also a book by Susan Jeffers. It changed my life at 19 years old. One of my fav’s along with Who Moved my Cheese.

The first book taught me to keep trying, and put up with failing until I would succeed. The second made me think about jumping before I was pushed. Not always the case, but it helped me cope with sudden changes and pre-empt new ones.

2. Believe

How many people do you know – friend, foe or famous who were told they wouldn’t get that grade, or achieve that goal, or take the next step? I’ve heard these stories from so many walks of life and I’m sure you have too. Well believe that their success came despite all the negatives.

The pursuit of happiness is another book and story that reminds you that if you BELIEVE, then you can make anything happen, against all odds.

3. Trust in the Universe

Everything you need to achieve your goal is inside you already, you just need the time and space to tap into it. Find a quiet or busy space that’s away from YOUR norm. Let the inspiration flow by watching the world go by and allow to be reminded about what you love.

The universe will speak to you, and the thoughts will come flooding in. The ideas will take form from all walks of life… your child might say something that leads you in a new direction, a book might be lent to you that will inspire your goal, or someone will say a word that rings in your ear and you can’t seem to let it go. These are being put to you so listen out for them.

Keep your eyes peeled for those messages and trust that what you desire will come to you in stages.

Say out loud your dream as silly as it may seem.

4. Accept Help

We can’t all achieve success without a little help. Take it where it is given along with knowing when to ask for it too. It’s important to remember that we can’t be skilled at everything.

There may only be a few people who you can trust, but still don’t give away all your secrets. Remember to help others too. Don’t forget to reward those who have helped you along the way, as goes around comes around.

Being kind will also get you to places to beyond your dreams.

5. You have self worth

I read a poem whilst travelling that reminded me no matter what I am faced with, I can endure it. Even if it rips you to the core and the layers need to rebuild, you can endure it and recover and have self worth.

Nothing can stop you when you know your destiny, and no dream is too small or too big, we all know what will make us happy, it’s not always about riches, or being the best, it’s a lot in the end to do with LOVE and HAPPINESS.

You don’t want to get through all the goals and dreams to find that they had no meaning in the end. Think through your dreams and goals in a way like this:

Where would you like to be, who is with you, how do you feel, what does it look like, where are you living, what are you doing, what surrounds you.

Finally YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!! I hope some of my few words have resonated and you can pass on.

I love to hear about new books about being inspired, please comment and share them below.

Much love

Julietta x

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