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From Newborn to First Birthday – Why my time with Siobhan has been special.

Posted on January 28, 2020 by Admin under Parent Zone
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Why would you consider capturing the milestones? Well Siobhan and a few of my families coming back to me after a year or more are reminding me why it’s so important to capture the first years (professionally or non-professionally).

Not only do you forget what they looked like, it reminds you about how you felt and how far you have come. Those tiny toes and button noses don’t stay that way forever and neither do those sleepless nights. They will not fit in those arms, or curled up in a womb like fashion EVER again and neither will you eat as much cake!

You might feel like you miss all the details as you are running around being the best parent, spouse, employee or running your own empire of some sort (the household being a gigantic one).

I often look back at my children’s photographs (and they are only 5 and 8) with fond memories of when they were so small I would sit for ours feeding and cradling… then running around making every inch of the house safe, then teaching them new tricks. All of a sudden they are teaching me new tricks.

I had a photographer capture our family at different stages as they grew up, as did my parents who inspired me. I’ve plastered the house in Oscar and Mia. There’s at least 8 professional wall art frames in the house and some prints framed in reasonable but effective high street frames.

So let me tell you how HAPPY I am when families not only find me to do a photoshoot for their family, I’m delighted when they return for the next milestone.

I’ve photographed Siobhan as a newborn and here she is again at 1 years old. I was lucky enough to involve both sets of grandparents at both sessions – something which I LOVE!

Siobhan’s mum and dad value what I do so much and it makes me super happy that they have their images printed and displayed in their home.

By using the same photographer, you can keep some consistency, build a relationship and learn new things. This statement goes for me too as every family I meet has enriched my life in some way. They have ALL had something to teach me.

Their thanks and gratitude of what I do for them is highly fulfilling.

If I could be a family photographer in some way for the rest of my life it will be a gift indeed.

If you would like to know more about a family studio or outdoor photo shoot session or newborn or baby then please get in touch. It an include the grandparents! (see below).

Love Julietta x

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