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First Birthday Shoots and Cake Smash Fun

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Admin under Parent Zone

Have you ever thought about what a cake smash gallery might include?

Well I thought that you should know that there is something for everyone here in my studio and or garden.

For those looking for a studio first birthday session they include more than just the cake smash. I tend to suggest to bring in something personal for the shoot and or a lovely outfit to capture their first birthday portrait. It can include a sentimental toy, teddy or family heirloom. Or as in Taylor’s case in the images below this was a birthday gift from her aunty.

The first birthday sessions are not as simple as they look but they are fun! You do have to work hard as a parent to make your child comfortable and laugh! I can only do so much at the start as a photographer to make them happy with me, and then after that in between takes I will also happily sing “Five little ducks” and “wind the bobbin up” some of my fav tunes to date.

Bring along their favourite teddy or toy and send me a list of their favourite songs and I will have bubbles and fun waiting to capture that right moment.

The cake smash section usually comes straight after the portrait session which is usually very few minutes before they are bored! Cake always livens things up but don’t be surprised if they don’t smash it all up (usually we have to do that). I have been shocked by a one year old flattening her head into the cake and then throwing it off the cake stand, rock and roll style. Usually they take a lick and not too sure so we have to dig out a large piece for them to try and see what they do… every child is different so it’s always fun capturing that first reaction.

After we have exhausted as many cake smash songs and dances we clean up and move onto bath tub and bubbles. Unless your child hates water this part of the session seems to bring the biggest smiles and fun. I just need to make sure I get the temperature right in the water, room and if they like bubbles or not.

After they are out they will be super hungry and tired so make sure they are well fed before the session (and not too tired) plus have some snack ready to distract them so they don’t hate you too much for removing them from the funnest bit of what will be the strangest morning they experienced so far.

Wear your comfy clothes which you don’t mind being covered in cake and or bring spares if you are planning on lunch after in a public place!

I love my cake smash first birthday sessions and all of my families do too.

It’s a priceless memory to bring out on their 16th, 18th or even 40th birthday.

To book in a session please contact me and let’s schedule a date before their birthday. Then we can get planning for having some fun!
Julietta x

2 thoughts on “First Birthday Shoots and Cake Smash Fun”

  1. Hon lam lee says:

    What a great photoshoot, thank you Julietta, very welcoming and understand Taylor.! Great work and photos are so amazing !

    1. Admin says:

      Thank you so much it’s lovely to hear!!!

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