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Personal Branding shoot with professional make-up artist Sara Carroll.

Posted on March 12, 2019 by Admin under Business
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Sara Carroll contacted me about producing some head shots of models for her new venture as a make-up artist along with some behind the scenes shots of her at work. I jumped at the opportunity to work with her to create some stunning studio head shots that showed off her creative talents.

Sara was incredibly professional and I enjoyed working with her ideas to create some stunning studio images of these gorgeous women.

The aim was to try and create different looks to show off her varied skills and use a dark and light backdrop with strong colours to contrast simple neutral tones.

Carly Beckwith: Strong colours – DRAMA

Alex Rae – Subtle colours – NATURAL

Yana – The Glamour – PRETTY

So where do you start with a personal branding shoot for your business?

If you are looking to have a website that stands out, exudes a professional service, then the images you use will make a difference. A business needs to be memorable when you visit a website. Mediocre images will not make you memorable. Go the extra mile to show you care about your business and you will stand out. Showing care for your business raises your profile and making these work with a story about you helps too.

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider professional photographs. If you do your research by looking at who has a website you admire, you will see why. Your customers will know the difference from something you took from a loyalty free image website, to something you had created yourself, especially if you tell the story behind it. The latter will give you credibility and interest.

To start the process you can arrange an appointment with me to discuss your needs, either over the phone or face to face. If you wish to book me then we can discuss rates there and then.

I will take a brief and we can sketch out some ideas on the first meeting or in due course after our initial discussion. The brief I take will work out what is best for the long term with the aim maximise your investment.

My advice to any business is to keep things as simple or as classic as possible so that images will not date. However, depending on your requirements, we may also be producing work that is short term for projects or seasonal side of the business.

How much does a personal branding session cost?

Each of my prices are bespoke to the requirements, as some shoots may require longer editing times. For example a more lifestyle natural shoot will require less editing, whereas a studio shoot with lots of complex elements may require double the amount of editing time. Having said this, you must not judge your needs on saving money. If what is best for your business requires a studio shoot then I would recommend it for the long term effectiveness of selling you. If together we work out that a lifestyle shoot would be best then there will be clear reasons why, and this will be how you and your business needs to be portrayed.


Personal Branding Rate: £399. This rate includes planning your shoot either over the phone or face to face. We might sketch out some ideas or share a pinterest board with ideas and colour schemes to suit all elements of you and the website. The shoot would then be a couple of hours, followed by my time editing. All images will be included. These will be around 10-15 highly produced images.

To find out more please contact me. 07513 100 514.